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Vignette 1: Inside information Donna Bookout-Coe has been informed that one of her drivers, Doug, has a drug addiction, which, if true, would be a liability to the company. Her first option is to take no immediate action and simply monitor Doug. This would be prudential since Doug’s upset girlfriend made the claim. Donna could also revise the company’s drug policy so that having one witness would be considered reasonable grounds for testing. Testing Doug would then be legal, and the company and its reputation would be protected against any drug related behavior or damages. The third option is to question Doug about any drug use, and to test him without reasonable grounds if he does not admit to usage. Although the company would be reducing the risk of liability, Doug could sue for defamation or take civil action. The best course of action is to subtly monitor Doug for a week and ask employees if they have noticed any signs of drug use in any other employees, not referring to Doug by name. If this gives no reasonable grounds for testing, Donna should revise the drug policy so that only one witness would be necessary, which would also avoid any future drug use accusation problems. By combining these two approaches, Donna would not be naively trusting Doug’s girlfriend and would also be taking the necessary actions to protect her company and customers. The third option could result in legal troubles and a ruined reputation for the company whether or not Doug tests positive. The other two options would only be strong enough to enable Donna to maintain her company’s reputation and policy of morality and trustworthiness if they were combined. Vignette 2: You’re fired! No you’re not!
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DonnaBookout - Vignette 1 Inside information Donna...

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