kathylevinson - Problem Kathy Levinson must decide to what...

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Problem Kathy Levinson must decide to what degree she should partake in opposing the Knight Initiative, a ballot initiative that only recognizes heterosexual marriages, based on how she, her family, and those associated with E*Trade, her employer, will be affected. Solution 1: Anonymous donation The first available option for Kathy is to make an anonymous donation to the No on Knight Campaign. Doing this would give the impression that she was ashamed of openly being a lesbian and would not meet one of her primary goals of making her children proud of her. Being anonymous would also diminish her leadership image as president and chief operating officer of E*Trade in the eyes of the No on Knight Campaign members and her coworkers and customers who were aware of her sexuality. This option would be similar to doing nothing, since it would not be giving the campaign the leadership that it was seeking through her. When deciding how involved to get within the campaign, Kathy must take those associated with her into consideration. Donating anonymously would protect Kathy, her partner, their children, the reputation and profitability of E*Trade, and thus the corporate stakeholders of the company. Negative publicity and business would not result, but she would still be providing the campaign with a valuable and essential resource in one easy step. Kathy could remain a “quiet activist” as she likes, which would not entail her lying about her sexuality or endangering the well-being of her family or E*Trade, both of which she has a responsibility to. Her own personal interests would not be interfering
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kathylevinson - Problem Kathy Levinson must decide to what...

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