FIRST LAB - BRANDON SMITH 1403 Online Lab 4 Igneous Rocks...

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he chart below for each of your 6 igneous rock set samples. BRANDON SMITH 1403 Online Lab 4 Igneous Rocks Ch-3: P. 38-48 PLEASE CHOOSE A FONT COLOR OTHER THAN BLACK FOR YOUR ANSWERS Read pages 38-48 in your lab manual very carefully. Have your common rocks set available see igneous samples Answer the following problems: 1. Define igneous rock: rocks that are solidified from melted rocks 2. Study the 6 igneous rocks in your set, write their textures below: (3 should be coarse-grained, 1 fine-grained, 1 glassy, 1 vesicular) a. Basalt= fine grained b. Pumice= vesicular c. Pink Granite= course grained d. Dunite= course grained e. Gray Granite= course grained f. Obsidian = glassy 3. Which of your 6 igneous rocks formed: a. From the most rapidly cooled magma? pumice b. Crystallized from a water-rich magma? obsidian 4. List the rocks from your set that are intrusive, and then list the ones that are extrusive. Intrusive: pink granite, gray granite, dunite Extrusive: pumice, basalt, obsidian 5. Study your sample of pink and gray granite. Although these two rocks are both granites they look very different! Using Figure 3.1 try to identify at least 2 minerals in each of the granite samples. Pink Granite: quartz, potassium feldspar Gray Granite: plagioclase, biotite Why are both samples examples of granite? (Clue: think about texture and composition) Both samples of granite have similar textures and properties that separate them from other types of igneous rocks. 6.
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FIRST LAB - BRANDON SMITH 1403 Online Lab 4 Igneous Rocks...

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