CTCS 190 Film Criticism

CTCS 190 Film Criticism - Cohen Bros etc Can apply to...

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Film Criticism 01/12/2008 14:30:00 Film Criticism You have to ask questions about a film o Who is being represented in the film? How? Why? Etc. Critical judgment Popular Discourse o Media reviews Reviews Blogs, newspapers, television shows Criticism Critics have more background and experience Academic Discourse o Educational influence Books, conferences, journals, etc. o Autour Theory France The director writes with his camera as the author writes with his  pen Problematic because of the many influences in  filmmaking Ex. Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Tarantino, Wes Anderson, 
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Unformatted text preview: Cohen Bros., etc. Can apply to writers, actors, producers, studios, etc. Founded in America by Andrew Sarris o Genre Theory o Cultural Materialism Filmmakers and spectators bring in the cultural views from the time period o Psychoanalytic Theory Freudian o Semiology Like its own language, everything has its own meaning o Star Theory Each star carries his own meaning o Feminism o See book 01/12/2008 14:30:00 ← 01/12/2008 14:30:00 ←...
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CTCS 190 Film Criticism - Cohen Bros etc Can apply to...

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