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experiment 30 - Corrinne Spaulding EXPERIMENT 30...

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Corrinne Spaulding EXPERIMENT 30 : PREPARATION OF A SOAP The purpose of this lab was to make soap from animal fat, a triglyceride. A triglyceride is a glycerol esterified with three fatty acids. The reaction is performed by heating the fat with an alkaline mixture and adding a common salt solution to precipitate the salt out of solution. This process is known as saponification. When the alkaline base hydrolyzes the ester, the ester splits and forms a carboxylic acid salt (soap) and a glycerol, as shown below: In my procedure, I prepared a solution of 0.25 g of sodium hydroxide pellets dissolved in 1.0 mL of distilled water and 1.0 mL of 95% ethanol. I put 0.32 g of lard in the solution and heated until boiling. The mixture serves as the alkaline mixture in which the triglyceride will react with to produce carboxylic acid salts and glycerol. After heating for 20 – 25 minutes, I added 4 mL of a salt solution while the mixture was in a beaker cooling on ice. The salt helps the soap to precipitate out of solution. This happens
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experiment 30 - Corrinne Spaulding EXPERIMENT 30...

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