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State and Local Government o State and Local Government Media fails to provide the link between government and public Lack of systematic coverage Overly simplified coverage of complex issues Allows grand stranding by public officials- no sense of responsibility or accountability This Failure impacs the operation of democracy Voters lack real information Belittling public officials increases cynicism o State and local government - unkown territory for much of the meida Print - more likely to have continuing relationship "beats" - substantive connection Experienced reporters Time for investigations In decline now, due to cutbacks Eletronic - even more driven by the controversy or incident of the day General beat usually - rotation/availability
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Unformatted text preview: High Turnover - seeking "better" job Investigations - visual aspect central o Image Problem State and local government - more impact on individuals daily than federal But seen as obscure and often uninteresting Focus therefore on controversy and conflict - usually personalized Often means no background to the controversy provided to the pulbic Just know there is a problem Substantive aspect gets neglected o Problem accentuated by pressgovernemtn relations Local officals fear media Seen as muckrakers Actually driven by audience consideration Global News o Coverage of Foreign News Historically, the most glamorous...
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