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Middle East Country Study - 7. Security/Military Condition...

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Country Study Outline Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:08 AM 4. Economic Conditions a. Level of Development i. Agricultural Sector ii. Industrial  Sector 1. Oil Industry 2. Non-Oil Industries iii. Service Sector (e.g., banks, tourism) b. Major Economic Accomplishments c. Main Economic Challenges i. Employment ii. Growth d. National Accounts i. Trade ii. Revenue iii. Investment iv. Debts   5. Quality of Life a. Health b. Education c. Income d. Freedom   6. Political Development a. Political Culture b. National Identity c. Structure i. Constitution (if any?, main charcteristics) ii. Institutions (i.e., Exectutive, Legislative Judicial) iii. Power Distrubution iv. Political Actors 1. Political Parties 2. Intrerest Groups 3. Media d. Dynamics i. Current Issues
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ii. Domestic Challenges iii. Elections e. Policy Making Processes  i. Decision Making Structure 
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Security/Military Condition a. Main Sources of Threat i. Domestic ii. International iii. Terrorism b. Military Preparedness i. Military Strength ii. Military Challenges 8. Foreign Policy & Relations a. Major Policy Goals & Means b. War/Peace Issues c. Conflict/Cooperation d. Bilateral (states) e. Multilateral (States& Ios) i. Regional Level 1. Neighboring States 2. Regional Organizations a. GCC b. OIS c. Arab League d. Other Organizations? ii. Global Level 1. Great powers (I.E., US, Russia, EU) 2. Mid-Range Powers (e.g., Switzerland) 3. The Developing World (e.g., India, PRC, NICs) 4. Ios (e.g., UN, WTO, OPEC.) 9. Prospects for the Future a. Short-Term b. Long-Term c. Possible Seenarios...
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Middle East Country Study - 7. Security/Military Condition...

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