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Contracts I - Checklist - Contracts I- Checklist...

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Contracts I- Checklist Page 1 of 3 Professor Jacobson Fall 2004 __________________________________________________________________________________ Expectancy 1. Breach of contractor-cost of completion or diminution of land value-will they complete? 2. Efficient Breach? 3. Limitations on Expectation Damages, a. certainty(certain and accurate-352), b. forseeability(consequential damages)-doesn’t have to be most foreseeable c. avoidability(duty to mitigate) 4. Employment-don’t need to mitigate if inferior or different type of employment 5. Fixed costs/Lost profits-only don’t pay if nonexpendable and replacement 6. UCC- a. Buyers-cover(2-712), recover(2-713) has the choice(2-711), 2-610(a) b. Seller-cover(2-706) recover/tender(2-708), lost profit(2-708), price(2-709) 7. Mental Distress-only recover if marriage, corpse ,dr w/ cesarean Reliance 1. Usually can’t get pre-K damages unless a. Common carrier- b. Knew w/ legal certainty that K would be made- c. Knew that would get one actor SOF -can get out of it by restitution, EE, but not by PE-voidable-as a defense, also if partially performed on land 1. Land 2. Goods>$500 3. Debts of others 4. One-year-can’t be performed in one-year 5. Consideration of marriage Restitution 1. Defaulter? Actual value of goods and services conferred or net benefit-which is less 2. Non-defaulting-whichever is greater a. Can go off-k or on-k –whichever is greater-up until complete performance 3. Fatally indefinite-void—can expose for failure to state a claim-but still can get restitution for actual
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Contracts I - Checklist - Contracts I- Checklist...

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