About Face - insisted to the foreign government to ease its sanctions • 1991 it was confirmed by US intelligence that China sold missile or

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About Face, James Mann outline China was important to the US not because of the help during the cold war anymore but, because of the potential harm it may do. (pg. 228) China was granted MFN most-favorable-nation status, allowing trade and exports at a lower price. o By 1990’s passed a stipulation that in order to get this status, China must improve its human rights before extending a new MFN status. January of 1990 the Bush administration sent its national security advisor on a public mission to Beijing where 2 restrictions to American business were removed and China had lifted martial law. Due to Tiananmen, China’s economy slowed down. It was at its lowest and when the deal w/ Fang came along, China got its international loans back which promoted economic growth. Countries were eager for China to stop selling arms to other countries. It was a long journey for China to gain back respectability in the world. China
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Unformatted text preview: insisted to the foreign government to ease its sanctions. • 1991 it was confirmed by US intelligence that China sold missile or missile technology to Pakistan, Syria, and Iran. • China denied that the Tiananmen incident was a tragedy see more pg.251 • 1992 the U.S. announced that it was selling to Taiwan F-16 warplanes, the fighters that Taiwan has since longed for • In 1989 Bush suspended military ties to China which put Peace Pearl, the $550 million project to improve China’s F-8 jet fighters • In 1990 the US had a stronger tie to Gorbachev. The Gulf war demonstrated to Chinese leaders, the importance of high tech weaponry • After 1989, Israel emerged as one of the leading suppliers of advanced weapons and technology to China. • 1992 the Chinese sold M-11 to Pakistan...
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