Chapter 6 (Lampton)

Chapter 6 (Lampton) - Leninist assumptions and tend to view...

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Chapter 6 1. Public Opinion in Policy Making should be looked on at three main levels for a. Elite i. Differences of opinions among elite political actors. Such differences mean that the preferences of supreme leaders are subject to change. Elite conflict is one of the ways in which public opinion gets injected into policy-making. ii. The thickening of the elite. The content and conduct of Chinese foreign policy today are far more complex and detailed. In the past foreign policy making had to do with strategic alliances and of war and peace. b. Sub-Elite (public intellectuals) i. Intellectuals who write for the public. Such intellectuals appeal to the public and often position themselves as people of the public opinion. c. Public (Public opinion) i. China is not a democracy and public opinion does not have a direct impact on policy. The government cares about public opinion solely b/c of political stability. Older analyst and national security specialist are influenced by the Marxist-
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Unformatted text preview: Leninist assumptions and tend to view domestic and foreign policy as part of an overall class struggle. • Younger analyst emphasizing NATIONALISM view the international systems in state-centric terms. Those in foreign policy establishment want to have good Sino-American relations, despite their distrust. 2. Public Opinion in Chinese Nationalism a. Elite i. Self-strengthening; securing the best deal possible for Chinese industry. b. Public i. Reflects the desire of many people who want both the benefits of globalization and the rise of China as a major power. • During times of elite discord and heightened tensions w/ the US, nationalistic views became more widespread in China. The threat of peaceful evolution was a big issue. Reliance on the international economy had weakened China’s national industries....
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