Study Guide 1 - What is Crime(5 Components 1 Behavior...

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1- Behavior: perform an act 2- Criminal intent: cat is intentional 3- Voluntary: cannot be forced 4- Social harm: something bad has to come from act 5- Harm cause by conduct Limits on criminality- Who cannot be considered criminal? 1- Age 0~7 not responsible; ~7-17 limited responsibility 2- Insanity: cannot understand right and wrong at the time of offense 3- Self defense: no way to avoid injury to other person; not excessive force Explain the statement “Crime is socially constructed” (i.e. subjectively defined) Definitions of crime vary across time, place and situation. Treason is the only UNIVERSAL CRIME How do definitions of crime vary across time/place/situation? Human decision making is involved Consensus perspective- Also known as functionalist perspective How society operates Society is based on cooperation. Society adapts to change while other parts compensate. Period of disorganization following social change. Overarching belief system. Share similar views of right and wrong— shared moral values. Crime is the act that offends collective sense of right and wrong. Purpose of law Law is the codification (written) of societal values; resolves disputes/ problems, Emile Durkheim “crime serves as a function/ purpose of society” 1- Reminds us of shared values 2- Strengthens community bonds 3- Reassures community members of their own morality/ normality How crimes are defined Lawmakers are the average person Conflict perspective How society operates Competition over limited resources; self-interest Purpose of law Law is the instrument of power and control; lawmakers are the dominant group How crimes are defined Crimes are the behaviors of the powerless How do deviant behaviors come to be defined as criminal? Conflict v consensus
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Study Guide 1 - What is Crime(5 Components 1 Behavior...

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