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HW1_sol - ECE124A VLSI Principles Solutions to Homework#1...

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ECE124A VLSI Principles Solutions to Homework #1 Problem 1: Quite amazingly Moore’s predictions for the advancement of integrated circuits are still valid after more than four decades. He was able to foresee the problems associated with decreasing complexity and miniaturization of devices. As predicted by him, with the evolvement of technology towards production of larger circuits, cost is going down. The early comments on the on reliability of ICs also seem to be true. Although the predictions about the heat generation were not quite correct as now with higher complexity heating in 2D and 3D chips is a big challenge for researchers. But overall, the majority of predictions made by Moore in this article have been realized. Problem 2: (a) Answer : There are multiple ways to implement the function. One of the most common and efficient is as follows: X = (A + B + C) (D + E) F + GH X’’ = ((A’B’C’+D’E’+F’).(G’+H’) )’
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G’ H’ A’ B’ C’ D’ E’ F’ G’ H’ F’ D’ E’ A’ B’ C’ VDD X (b) Answer: Function is A’B’ + AB , It’s an Ex-Or gate.
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Problem 3:
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