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Homework Assignment 5 ECE 155A – Winter 2009 Due Monday, February 23 This simple network programming problem involves BSD socket programming in C/C++. You will use elementary system calls such as socket(), bind(), listen(), connect(), sendto(), recvfrom() , etc. The setup for this assignment is as follows: Client Server User --- C ------------- S The system contains one user and two computers: o One computer hosts the client C. o The other computer hosts the server S. First, you will start the server on its computer as a passive listener on a specific port via the command line on the server’s computer. The server waits for a transmission from the client on the specific port. Next, you will start the client on its computer, supplying the IP address of the server’s computer and the server’s port via the command line on the client’s computer. The protocol between the client and the server is as follows: o The client reads a string from its standard input and then sends the string to the server. o
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