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Homework Assignment 1 ECE 155A - Winter 2009 Due Friday, January 16 1. Use the World Wide Web, including Google, Wikipedia, etc to search for information about the following IEEE standards: 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15 (Bluetooth) and 802.16 (WiMax). Compare these network technologies with respect to the following properties: (a) wired vs. wireless, (b) bandwidth provided, (c) distance covered, (d) reliability (error rate). In your own words, write a brief (1 page) comparison of these technologies. Do not just snarf stuff off the Web. We expect each student’s write up to be different. 2. A network has an L -layer protocol stack. A message that is transmitted on the network comprises the application data (payload) and a header for each of the L layers. The length of the application payload (data) is M bytes, and the length of each header is N bytes. a. Give a formula for the length of a message in terms of L , M and N b. In terms of L , M and N , give a formula for the proportion of a message that constitutes the
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