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PreReview Assignment

PreReview Assignment - “enveloping elegy,” “slightly...

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Carey Beth Condrey 7837 MUS 2116 01/23/2009 Pre-Review Assignment Allan Kozinn’s review of the Borodin Quartet’s performance appeared in the New York Times on January 22, 2009. The review opens with a short description of the quartet’s founding in 1945, continuing on to a discussion on the difficulty behind finding continuity in a quartet whose members are constantly changing. Kozinn suggests that older members pass their styles and traditions on to younger, new members in an attempt to maintain the same sound from a different ensemble. The quartet performed on January 20 th at the 92 nd Street Y. Their selection consisted of three pieces; first, Boradin’s Quartet No. 1, second, a brief Concertino by Stravinsky, and third, Shostakovich’s Third Quartet (Op. 73). The bulk of the review concentrates on describing these three pieces. Phrases like
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Unformatted text preview: “enveloping elegy,” “slightly sour,” and “winding lines” are just a few examples of the alliteration and assonance Kozinn puts into his review. Key elements of the pieces are highlighted, such as the portamento and intense dynamic contrast in the Quartet No. 1. The imagery in the review leads the reader to imagine a fluid painting or delicately prepared meal. Finally, the review gives the reader insight into the composer’s thoughts and feelings while composing the pieces. Although the review is short in comparison to major news stories, the use of imagery and alliteration pack so much emotion into a short article that if the length were extended, the reader would come away with a feeling of discomfort and confusion rather than one of complacency....
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