Lab Memo 2 - Carey Beth Condrey 09/25/2008 Lab 2...

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Carey Beth Condrey 09/25/2008 Lab 2 – Characterization of Unknowns Post Lab Objectives The purpose of this experiment was to determine the identities of an unknown solid and an unknown liquid based on physical properties and phase change points, such as boiling point, density, refractive index, melting point, and the mixed melting point of the crystallized solid unknown. Observations During the course of this experiment, I observed that the clear liquid unknown had a strong smell that was similar to acetone. The sample also evaporated very quickly when dripped on a surface, and the sample vial felt cold to the touch. The solid unknown was mixed with obvious impurities that looked like sand. My unknown was white (except for the light brown impurities) and balled into small clumps that made it easy to transfer and trap in a melting point tube. After recrystallization, the pure crystals were sparkly white and seemed very light and fluffy. It was difficult to transfer the crystals from the filter paper to the sample vial; the crystals were so light that any variation in wind would cause the crystals to fly off the paper. Discussion 1. Solid Unknown Number 497 a. I analyzed sample 497. Based on the data obtained from the melting points, I determined this compound to be Acetylsalicylic Acid. The structure is shown below. b. The melting point of the impure unknown sample was measured first, and found to be 138 °C. The melting point of a mixture of multiple compounds is always higher than that of a pure solid compound; if
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Lab Memo 2 - Carey Beth Condrey 09/25/2008 Lab 2...

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