Lab Memo 4b - Carey Beth Condrey Lab 4b Solubility of an...

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A A Carey Beth Condrey 10/23/2008 Lab 4b – Solubility of an Organic Acid, Organic Base, and a Neutral Compound Post Lab Objectives The purpose of this experiment was to separate a mixture of m- nitroaniline, azobenzene, and benzoic acid by acid-base extraction. Observations During the course of this experiment, aqueous acids and bases were mixed through an organic layer of three compounds dissolved in ether in order to separate the three compounds. Each time an acid or base was added to the organic layer, two layers were formed. The aqueous layer was then pipetted into a different container, but it was often difficult to remove the last drops of the aqueous layer from the centrifuge tube. The organic solution was orange-yellow. The color was not affected by the removal of the first compound, but after the second compound was removed the original organic solution became a darker shade of orange. The addition of sulfuric acid during the removal of the second compound resulted in the formation of a solid between the ether and aqueous layers that had a hairy appearance. After the addition of water, the
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Lab Memo 4b - Carey Beth Condrey Lab 4b Solubility of an...

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