Lab Memo 6 - Carey Beth Condrey Lab 7 Substitution...

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Carey Beth Condrey 11/06/2008 Lab 7 – Substitution Reactions: S N 2 Synthesis of 1-bromobutane Post Lab Objectives The purpose of this lab was to synthesize a sample of 1-bromobutane by S N 2 synthesis and classify the product by boiling point, density, and the flame test. Observations This experiment involved the reflux of a reaction mixture as well as multiple washings and the removal of aqueous layers. During reflux, the solution was heated to a low boil. A water condenser was attached to the top of the round reflux bulb to ensure that no product was lost in the vapor phase. The chilled water that runs through the outside of the condenser cooled the vapor, which then dripped down the inside of the condenser and back into the reflux bulb. Although the mixture initially had one layer pale yellow layer, two layers were formed by the end of the sixty minute reflux. After just twenty minutes, the solution had lost all color. It was difficult to discern whether layers had formed at this point as the boiling solution was constantly mixed and not separated. After the various washes and removal of aqueous layers, the organic product was a cloudy liquid. The vial
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Lab Memo 6 - Carey Beth Condrey Lab 7 Substitution...

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