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Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository Writing 101:LP October 2, 2008 The Strength in Words Words have the power to nurture the mind, thrill the spirit, or warm the heart. They have the ability to move and hurt emotionally. Words are the versatile medium for writing groundbreaking research or the means of cruel verbal abuse. However, language is often overlooked and taken for granted. Intimate conversation is the quintessential foundation for human interaction. It is how information is shared and how thoughts are revealed. The value of intimate conversation is diminishing more and more with the astounding advances of technology and the materialism of society. In this day in age, even sexual intimacy is valued higher than the intimacy of dialogue. In the acquisitive society we live in, language has the potential to hold authority and bridge the gaps of many hindrances that society faces today. Consequently, when words are used in a respectable and moral way, enlightenment can be achieved. One approach of using language positively is by informing others. The writers of the Harry Potter fan fiction website in Henry Jenkins’ “Why Heather Can Write: Media Literacy and the Harry Potter Wars” and blind writers of Oliver Sacks’ “The Minds Eye: What The Blind See” share a common intention. The fan fiction writers and the blind writers of the two essays display an unassailable command of the power of language and utilize it. Through literature, they educate and communicate with others, and inadvertently discover themselves as academic writers. Fan-Fiction is a rapidly growing sub-culture phenomenon. The term “fan-fiction” refers to a genre of creative writing where enthusiasts of an original work create narratives based on Lee 1
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characters and settings written by the initial creator. A center for fan-fiction is often a website where authors who share a common interest can come together, blog, and share each other’s works. In his comprehensive article, “Why Heather Can Write: Media Literacy and the Harry Potter Wars,” Henry Jenkins explores the immense world of fan-fiction literature. The writers of the website create literary works and discover their voices as writers. They manipulate words and use language to create stories about the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. The writers learn to grow as writers, edit each other’s stories, and communicate with one another. One means of communication is speaking through their stories. The writers create an identity, and construct a persona. Jenkins states, “In
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paper 2 - Lee 1 Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository...

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