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Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository Writing 101:LP October 16, 2008 Words of Wisdom Language is evoked from deep within the mind by conjoining words to create cohesive thoughts. While satisfying the grammatical rules of a language, strings of words are made into sentences. These sentences can be thought of as the different parts of the body, the body being literature. When properly utilized, language can be used to relay messages and communicate. Communication transpires through the use of sounds or conventional symbols. Communicating with others nurtures the mind, warms the heart, and excites the character. We better ourselves as members of a society by educating each other. Humanity educates itself through schooling, conversation, and other mediums like the Internet, research, and literature. But, it is through the power of language that human beings educate themselves and teach others. The words in the books we read and the images in the news programs we watch get across messages filled with information. In his profound expose, “Why Heather Can Write: Media Literacy and the Harry Potter Wars”, Henry Jenkins explores the immense world of fan-fiction literature. Oliver Sacks’ “The Mind’s Eye: What The Blind See” tells several awe-inspiring stories of blind writers who rewired their brains to adapt to life without vision. Finally, Jean Twenge’s essay, “An Army of One: Me ”, contrasts the Baby Boomers and Generation Me. Twenge argues that self-absorption and vanity are detrimental to society and the individual. The three essays may appear to have little in common, but when closely examined the three authors expose how the power of Lee 1
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language can effectively educate while communicating with the general populace. The writers of fan-fiction utilize the power of language to educate. Fan-fiction is a rapidly growing sub-cultural phenomenon. In his comprehensive article, Henry Jenkins explores the massive world of fan-fiction literature. The writers of a Harry Potter fan-fiction website create literary works and discover their voices as writers. They manipulate words and use the power of language to create stories about the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. The writers grow as storytellers, edit each other’s stories, and communicate with one another. One way of communicating is speaking through their stories. The writers create an identity, and construct a persona. Jenkins states, “In their profiles, kids often combined mundane details of their everyday experiences with fantastical stories about their place within J.K. Rowling’s world” (277). They are discovering ways to communicate by expressing themselves with stories that deal with real-life issues. They create an image of a child who is raised in a “muggle” family; from there, the possibilities are endless. The writer can virtually go anywhere they want with the plot and character development. There are also “references to divorce or cancer, real-world
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paper 3 - Lee 1 Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository...

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