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Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository Writing 101:LP November 13, 2008 Violence Is The Answer History shows society that violence is an integral component of human behavior. In today’s day and age, violence is something so common and predictable. People often ignore these acts of vicious brutality, which seem to emerge everyday. Sociologists and psychologists, alike, have methodically studied violence. While scientists disagree on whether or not violence is intrinsic in humans, archaeological evidence shows them that violence is a primary characteristic. The archaeological evidence explains why violence seems to be a central point in human behavior; it also explains why violence is a vicious, never-ending circle. Aggression seems to be the only true constant in warfare. Genghis Khan and Caesar’s campaigns demonstrate how bloodshed can result in land, power, and slavery. Sometimes, violence is the unfortunate product of religion. For example, The Aztecs sacrificed thousands of humans to honor their Gods; the Wahhabist Sheiks waged Jihad on all other types of Islam. Violence is still an integral part of society. Jean Twenge’s essay, “An Army of One: Me ,” demonstrates how self- esteem develops into narcissism. Twenge elaborates on the personality disorder and explains how this dark focus on the self can result in atrocities. In “The Naked Citadel,” Susan Faludi delves into the legal battle that ensued after the Citadel, an all-male academy, admitted its first female cadet. Faludi goes on to discover the malicious acts of brutality that the first year cadets are forced to endure. Finally, Beth Loffreda’s “Losing Matt Shepard,” tells the story of Matt Shepard, a twenty-year-old gay student at the University of Wyoming. Loffreda searches for Lee 1
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answers to the many questions and discrepancies concerning Shepard’s brutal murder. The three authors provide evidence that society is to blame for the vicious acts of violence due to the poor education systems in place, how the aftermath of violence is dealt with, and the manner in which society holds on to the beliefs and principles of the past. Starting as early as infanthood, society molds the minds of the youth so that they can satisfactorily fit into the status quo. However, America’s education system can occasionally be the cause for violent out lash. Both Jean Twenge and Susan Faludi uncover how the education systems in place can produce violence. Jean Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me ” is a discerning piece; the author investigates the individual’s obsessions with the self. Furthermore, Faludi explores the training of the Citadel’s first year cadets and preserving the all-male tradition. Young people everywhere are taught to love and respect themselves. Twenge aptly refers to this
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paper 5 - Lee 1 Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository...

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