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Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository Writing 101:LP December 2, 2008 Half-Truth Human loss has the power to rattle the tranquility of civilization; the pain of losing a beloved friend or family member is capable of running tremendously deep within one’s heart. The passing of a loved one requires people to cope with loss and grief, which accompany death. To begin the healing process, society must comprehend the passing of human life and reasons leading to the heartrending occurrence. Beth Loffreda and Jon Krakauer both unveil truths concerning the complexities of death. In “ Selections from Losing Matt Shepard,” Loffreda reveals the story of Matt Shepard, a twenty-one year old gay student at the University of Wyoming. The author searches for the answers to the many questions and discrepancies concerning Shepard’s brutal murder. Jon Krakauer exposes the adventures and death of Chris McCandless in “ Selections from Into the Wild.” Krakauer intersperses McCandless’ journey with some of his own excursions into the wilderness. Shepard was the victim of a hate crime and McCandless suffered starvation in the Alaskan wilderness; while Shepard and McCandless’ deaths appear to share no resemblances, the two incidents have proved to be particularly difficult to characterize. Between trying to salvage its image and reputation, Laramie loses the true meaning of losing Matt Shepard during the media’s onslaught. Conversely, Krakauer encounters many hindrances in attempting to piece together the blurred reasons as to why McCandless embarked on the voyage leading to his death. The limited depictions of the convolutions Lee 1
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concerning the deaths of McCandless and Shepard retards society’s ability to truly comprehend their respective casualties. When society loses one of its members, there is a high demand for the particulars and the whole story behind the death. These specifics can offer some form of closure to the general public. However, the deaths of McCandless and Shepard are only capable of offering inadequate details, making it too complicated to accurately represent their deaths. It is difficult to realize these details due to the manner in which the two men died. McCandless was alone and isolated from civilization, somewhere near the Stampede trail in the Alaskan bush. Diary entries concerning hunting game and food dominated McCandless’ diary since “he had to devote a large part of each day to stalking animals” (Krakauer 350). Without evidence as to why McCandless
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paper 6 - Lee 1 Brian Lee Professor Boemo Expository...

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