Lecture 6 classical mythology - Role of Hephaestus: pindar,...

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Lecture 6 classical mythology Begin by covering more of the lecture from last time we did not finish. Scylla Daughter of phorcys and hecate Not in theogony There children of phorcys and his sister Ceto (270-336) are: -two Graia (old women) -three grogons -echidna -serpent guardian of the golden apples Perseus killed the gorgon medusa by chopping off her head Medusa had children by Poseidon they were Pegasus and chrysaor Scylla One version: Poseidon lover, transformed by jealous Amphitrite Alternative: daughter of crataeis Monster: Odyssey 12.80-100 124f. OVid’s story: friend if galatea Courted by glaucus, once man, now a marine divinity: grass of immortality Asks witch circe for help( passing typhoon under mt etna) She falls in love Rejected, transforms Scylla in revenge. Athena Birth narrative: Theogony 886-900, 924-926
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Unformatted text preview: Role of Hephaestus: pindar, Olympian 7 for island of Rhodes, sacred to sun (hyperions son) o N.b. colossus of Rhodes, 105 ft. high (c. 300BCE). Thumbnail sketch in hymn to ahprodite 7-15 (ml 190): virgin, warrior, patroness of crafts Illiad 5. 733-7 : arming scene Aegis: breastplate/ cloak combonation? Golden tassels (ll. 2.448f.); Gorgon head (ll. 5) Stands by heros: illiad 10.277-94 (odysseus, Diomedes and tydeus, his father) In art: preseus, theseus, Heracles Punishes Teiresias for unwittingly seeing her bathing on mt hekicon (horses fountain) Callimachus hymn (3 rd c. BCE) Set in argos: statue-washing ritual (palladion, statue of Athena Grief of mother chariclo Punnishes locrian Ajax for raping cassndra at her temple at troy (story in alcaaeus, c. 7)...
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Lecture 6 classical mythology - Role of Hephaestus: pindar,...

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