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Jamestown The first group of Puritans that immigrated into Jamestown from England were the separatists. The main reason why the pilgrims had arrived at the New World was to establish their puritan teachings based on Calvinism. They wanted to break away from the Anglican Church that king Henry the VIII had established. They believed in predestination. The major way that the colonists earned a living was by tobacco plantations. Tobacco became their first cash crop. They also used the Chesapeake Bay for trade. They also had prosperous small farms, home industries, fishing, trade and shipbuilding.
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Unformatted text preview: Their major resource for a living was the Chesapeake Bay since they used it for irrigation and for trade. In addition, most of their diet was on potatoes, squash and corn. Their herds were important resources since sheep provided wool and other farm animals provided food. The first British settlement arrived in 1607 at Virginia under the leadership of Captain John Smith. The colony was named Jamestown in honor of the King of England. During the early years many of the settlers died of starvation, diseases and hostility with the Indians....
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