mt1-key - Chemistry 107A, Prof. Fisher Midterm I Friday,...

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Chemistry 107A, Name KEY P r o f . F i s h e r Last First M i d t e r m I S t u d e n t I . D . # Friday, October 19, 2007 Check Box if you wish to pick up your exam from Prof. Fisher’s office (During normal office hours) Other exams will be distributed in a hallway box CLOSED BOOK EXAM - - No notes, books, Palm Pilots™ (or similar electronic devices) are allowed. Calculators may be used but not shared. Midterm I consists of 7 pages total . Put your name at the top of each page. Useful equations, constants and a table of ± f H ° appear on page 7. Answer all the questions/problems. For multiple choice questions, circle the correct answers. For questions 6 - 9 , all work must be shown to obtain credit. Give answers with proper significant figures! Good Luck! Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Total - 1 -
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- 2 - NAME_________________________ 1.) (2 points each) If the following statements are True, place a T in the line before the statement. If False, place an F. T The conversion of graphite to diamond is considered a phase transition. T The energy of an isolated system is constant. T The vaporization of a liquid is never exothermic. T ± fus H °= ± sub H ° ²± vap H ° F The combustion of glucose in a living cell can be considered a reversible process. F Molar heat capacity C m is an extensive property. T Pressure is defined as: force divided by area. F Work is done when a gas expands in a vacuum. T The enthalpy of a substance increases with temperature. T The heat of formation ± f H m o () for N 2 (g) at 298K is 0.0 kJ·mol -1 . For questions 2 - 3, circle the correct answer (4 points each) .
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mt1-key - Chemistry 107A, Prof. Fisher Midterm I Friday,...

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