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China: Lu Xun and Modern Intellectual I. Lu Xun (1881-1936) Elite childhood and decline—formative influences a. Considerted the founder of the modern literature, most radical, non traditionalist writer b. Canonized by the communist party c. Grandfather a halin academny jinshi. But allowed family to read widely i. Came from a good family, elite ii. Relatively liberal in allowing to read stuff d. From Shaoxing in Zhejiang rovince—inportant tratiotn of education e. Grandfather imprisioned in 1893for corruption i. Someone tried to bribe for the examination system ii. Tampering w/ the exam was a capital crime iii. Put in jail iv. Fundraising opportunity, raised from his family v. Family spend all of thei money to save his life and get him out of jail vi. Family declined in ealth and reputation vii. He found that the world is a cruel place as soon as they did not have any money f. Father sick, young Lu Sun stressed i. At the same time was sick ii. Being cured by high priced Chinese doctors iii. Died of bad Chinese medicine g. Drops out of examination process in 1898—begins “foreign” studies i. Participatied in the first round of the examination system ii. Expected of in his postion iii. Dropped out, if this happened before it would be considered a scandal iv. His life influences what he writes about in his books II. The years in Japan 1902-18
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a. 1904 to sendai to study medicine i. Interested in science ii. Discovers Charles Darwin 1. Believes its replicated in human society iii. Goes to toyko and studies Japanese iv. Goes to medical school 1. Related to his trauma 2. Modernization in japan was linked to the modernization of medical science
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120208notes - China Lu Xun and Modern Intellectual I Lu...

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