Popular Culture in South Korea

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Popular Culture in South Korea What is popular culture? -Something that is known about or liked by a lot of people. Linked to consumption and commercialism. Opposite of “high” culture, pertaining to everyday life. Minjung culture, literature art Minjung- masses, call for democratization and reunification glorifying masses while criticizing authoritarian rule and American domination, shift from radical to mainstream Minjung literature- literary realism(similar to socialist realism), from victim to empowerment, nation and class Minjung art- reminiscent of folk art, woodblocks and paintings, shows emotions Print culture -10 major newspapers, numerous magazines, both Korea and Korean language versions of international
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Unformatted text preview: magazines, bookstores Mobile technology-25.6 million cell phone users, Korea at end of 2008, in a population of 48.62 million, meaing 93% usage. 7 channels available on handphone, digital books and comics Comics (graphic novels)- Manhwa, Translations of Japanese mangas, Video Gaming- Star Craft “Contents” and animation Music- Kpop, girl groups boy bands, Korean Dramas Consumption- commerm, globalism, “fusion” cuisine, foreign chaings, Korean food aborad. What does Korean popular culture say about Korea today?...
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