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Unformatted text preview: Classical Mythology Lecture 21 Odysseus' adventures ! Polyphemus' curse (9.526-35) Aeolus ! Six sons, married to six daughters ! Bag of the winds ! Nearing Ithaca, Od. falls asleep, winds released ! Returns, Aeolus refuses to help Laestrygonians ! 10.82-6: long hours of daylight ! Localization (87-94): Balaklava in the Crimea? Laestrygonians ! 10.82-6: long hours of daylight ! Localization (87-94): Balaklava in the Crimea? ! Odysseus sends men to explore ! Man-eating giants attack ! Only Odysseus' own ship is left Circe ! Daughter of Helios: island east (12.3f.) ! Two groups, draw lots (203ff.) ! Eurylochus' group will explore ! Circe at loom, tame wolves and lions ! Drink of barley, cheese, honey, wine ! Touched with wand, become pigs Aiaia, in far Circe ! Eurylochus escapes, reports to Od. ! Hermes as young man intercepts ! Moly will protect ! Od. to draw sword, agree to go to bed with Circe, but extract oath first " She must not unman him Circe ! Od. asks for companions to be returned to human form ! Od. brings the rest of his crew ! After a year, desire to return home ! First, must consult Teiresias (487ff.) ! Drunken Elpenor falls from roof (550ff.) 560-550 Late 5th century Hades ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Odyssey sails to city of Cimmerians, who live north of Black Sea Offerings made 11.51-224: Elpenor, Tiresias, Anticleia 225-332: Catalog of women 333-384: story interrupted 385-567: Agamemnon, Achilles, Ajax 568-635: various heroes 636-40: return Hades ! Elpenor requests burial (11.51ff.) ! Tiresias: Cattle of the Sun; Odysseus' ultimate fate ! Return to Aiaia to bury Elpenor; further advice from Circe Sirens ! Companions plug ears with wax, Od. tied to mast ! Od. signals to release, but bonds tightened instead ! Story that Sirens would die if ever failed to enchant ! Heads of women, bodies of birds 500-480 c. 340 Scylla ! Rovers/Clashing Rocks: Od. to avoid ! Scylla and Charybdis: alternative route ! Scylla: 12 feet, six heads, each with three rows of teeth ! Snatches six companions Cattle of the Sun ! Od. "= would avoid, but overruled ! 12.129-31: 350 cows and 350 sheep days and nights of lunar year ! Od. goes to pray, put to sleep (338) ! Companions kill the cattle ! Helios demands revenge ! Zeus smashes ship with thunderbolt Charybdis ! Od. keel ! Passes Charybdis (water rises and falls dramatically three times a day: 101ff.) ! Comes to Calypso ! Remains with her for 7 years ! Hermes sent to secure release sole survivor, clings to mast and Phaeacians ! Odysseus leaves Calypso on a raft ! Poseidon shatters to avenge Polyphemus, his son ! Saved by sea-goddess Leucothea, who gives him her veil ! Reaches Phaeacians; tells them of his adventures ! They take him home to Ithaca ! Poseidon punishes: ship turned to stone Ithaca ! Odysseus' palace occupied by suitors of wife, Penelope ! Od. helped by swineherd Eumaeus and his own son Telemachus ! Goes to palace as beggar ! Nurse Eurycleia recognizes scar as washes his feet c. 440 Bow contest ! ! ! ! Penelope to marry whoever can string Od.'s bow and shoot an arrow through 23 axe blades Od. alone succeeds Suitors killed Reunion with Penelope " He knows secret of bed, made from living olive tree (23.183ff.) ! ! Reunion with father Laertes Peace with parents of suitors c. 440 ...
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