Vietnam1945-1954 - months, fails.-June 1946- High French...

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Vietnam: 1945-1954 I. End of World War II and the Beginning of the Anti-Colonial armed struggle (The first Indo China War) - The Rise of Anti-colonial activities before and during the WWII-diversity - 1930-communist international directed to unify the three communist parties into the Indochinese communist party. - 1930- Leaders of the Vietnamese nationalist party were captured? - Nguyen Thai hoc- Vietnam Nationalist Party Leader, executed - 1945:Japanese overthrow of French colonial authority; Independence; the French return;Bao Dai establishes empire of Vietnam - Gov headed by Tran Trong Kim, prime minister - 1945- OSF employs Ho Chi Minh to get information on Japanese - Bao Dai Abdicated, Ho Chi Minh proclaim provisional government - 2 nd Sept- ends WWII, Ho Chi Minh declares independence quoting declaration of Independence - Ho Chi Minh goes to France to try and negotiate with French for independence for 4
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Unformatted text preview: months, fails.-June 1946- High French Commissioner of Indochina, separate south Vietnam in a separate government-Nov. 1946- lots of violence, French troops occupy Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh hides in Jungle-8 yrs- 1 st Indochina war-The relationship between the Third Internationalist force and others. The division between Nationalist and Communist Forces. The elimination of all non-Third-Internationalist forces (nationalist and Fourth Internationalist)-Viet Ming eliminated all other groups that were not part of Vietming-17 th parallel(N Ho Chi Minh communist) South- Bao Dai Western supported regime-Dien Bien Phu and Geneva Accords II. The Romance of the Nation-Poetry: Tho Moi, symbolist movement, patriotic romanticism-Music: nationalist/patriotic pathos; the search for the national anthem(s)...
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Vietnam1945-1954 - months, fails.-June 1946- High French...

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