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Tips: For short answer questions, read the question carefully and be sure to answer everything the question asks, as one short answer may consist of three questions. For example, on the last test one of the questions was Who are Zeus's brothers? Which realm did each of them have? How was the allocation made, according to the Iliad story? Break up the questions and make a list if that is easiest. Hades-Underworld, Poseidon-Sea This answers the first two questions, but there is still the third which you could have simply answered by writing They drew/cast lots Many of you forgot to answer the third question on the last test. Also, using the same question as an example, writing the names of every god or goddess that is Zeus' sibling does not add points or give you credit for another part of the question you did not answer-it is superfluous information. And while Dr. Henry said that you do not have to learn how to spell the names of all of these characters correctly, try your best because it will help you to remember who they are and will keep you from risking a lost point. For
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