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Venturi Meter - Find In the gauge pressure at the bottom of...

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Unformatted text preview: Find In, the gauge pressure at the bottom of tube 1. (Gauge pressure is the pressure in excess of outside atmospheric pressure.) Eqrress your answer in terms ofquanfifies given in flle problem introduction and g, flle magnitude of flue acceleration due to - raui . 331 = fi‘fl‘hi Correct submit hints my answers show answer review part i The fluid is pushed up tube l by the pressure ofthe fluid at the base of the tube, and not E by its kinetic energi, since there is no streamline around the sharp edge of the tube. : E Thus energr is not conserved (there is turbulence at the edge ofthe tube) at the - : entrance of the tube. Since Bernoulli's law is essentially a statement of energr I 5 conservation, it must be applied sep aratelv to the fluid in the tube and the fluid flowing : E in the main pipe. However, the pressure in the fluid is the same just inside andjust - E outside the tube. : Find 1.11, the speed ofthe fluidin the left end ofthe main pipe. fl A2" Express your answerinterms off“, I12, g,anii eifloer Al and A; or mwhichis equalto Note that this result depends on the difi'erence between the heights ofthe fluid in the tubes, a quantity that is more easily measured than the heights themselves. ...
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