12+-+Protein+S+and+P+III+-++The+Golgi - BME 418,...

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BME 418, Quantitative Cell Biology Alan J. Hunt Transport vesicles containing proteins in their lumen and membrane bud off the intermediate zone of the ER and move to the Golgi. - series of flattened membranous sacs - cis side nearest ER and nucleus, trans side nearest cell surface, medial in center - different regions contain different enzymes and perform specialized functions - small vesicles move between sacs, from cis to trans - vesicles bud off (especially from trans side) and move away to other organelles or cell membrane - upon reaching destination these vesicle fuse to membrane, dumping their contents and adding to the membrane. Golgi is largely a sorting system for proteins from the ER. Proteins are stored, chemically modified, and packaged for delivery. As proteins move through the Golgi, oligosaccharides intially added in the ER are further processed. This is (at least partially, not well understood) the mechanism by which proteins are sorted. For example, proteins destined for an organelle called the lysosome are subjected to specific carbohydrate modifications including phosphorylation. These phosphorylated glycoproteins bind to a receptor in the membrane of the trans golgi, which buds off a lysosome destined vesicle. Membranes are also processed in the Golgi.
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12+-+Protein+S+and+P+III+-++The+Golgi - BME 418,...

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