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22-ScientificJournalistReport - 2 Describe broad...

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Scientific Journalist Report Online submission due April 26 8:45 am Make sure to confirm on website that your file is uploaded. 5 paragraph + title + references (see later slide). 12 pt font. Single spacing . 1 page MAX. (commonly seen in Science, Nature ) Anything beyond 1 page is discarded and not graded. The magazine has page limit.
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Your Job Consultant for biotech magazine. Need to find cool biotech research to report about. Need to describe to reader why this work is important, how it can potentially change your life, how specifically the technology works or what new discovery was made, what strengths possible problems might be.
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Choose one favorite paper from presentation and describe 1. Headline title to catch readers attention (3 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Describe broad impact (cures leukemia, feeds hungry, etc) (3 pts) • 3. Specific contribution of this paper (found the abc reaction pathway that makes white blood cells grow, found new reaction to make glucose from dirt, etc) (3pts) • 4. Description of the specific contribution clarifying why this is better than existing methods, or what new fact previously unknown is described (3 pts) • 5. Strengths of this paper (3 pts) • 6. Weaknesses of paper and how it can be improved/or if no weaknesses, what additional work can be performed to further strengthen or build upon the results (3 pts) • 7. References, that main paper you are reporting about and any additional references you use in your evaluation (1 pt)...
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