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TABLE 5 R~mmmadrilons fmrn The- - /q gg . Fnb rmd Cholrrt.ml: Mua mumpdm d fat (mpd.ally sahraled fat) and choImt~~L Choo1e foods mlrtiveiy lm in thee rubtancm, euch as vegetablcq fruits, whole gain foods, fuh. poultry, lean meats, ad low-fat dai prod"&. Use fmd -ration melhDds that add litlle or no far Ewgy WcIzhI Calml: Achievemd mainlain r dmlrerble body wdght. To do bo, ch- r dielary pattern in which energy kcriorid intake k conslstrtent wilh mergyexpmdim. Toduamergy inlake, hit consumptim of lmds relrtively high in kolorim, 1.1% and sugars, md minimire alcohol consumpdon. harasp mergy eem through regular and sustained physical activity. . Conplu Carbohydmor Flbrr: harase cmumption of wholegrain fmds md cereal products, vegetables (induding dried hma md pas), fruits. Sodium Reduceintake ddum by ch-ing foodsrelatively low in dummd limiting theamount dsalt added in imd preprration and al the table. . Almhol: Todua thcrlsk fordvdc disease, lakealcohd dy.h moderation (nomore lhrn twodrinLs r dry), if at all. Avoid drinhg my alcohol
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