Week 1 - AEM 3200 Week 1 - Syllabus a. Lecture Date:...

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AEM 3200 Week 1 - Syllabus b. Lecture Date : Wednesday, September 3,2008 Announcements : Professor Dale Grossman Office: 114 Warren Hall Phone: 607-255-8023 Email: dag 14@cornell.edu 1. Texts and Readings A. Required i. Dynamic Business Law, by Kubasek, Browne ii. Cases and Materials in Business Law [2008 Ed.] 11. Reading Assignment A. Cases: i. Trombetta v. Conkling ii. State v. Blowers iii. Gallagher v. St Raymond's Roman Catholic Church iv. ThyrojJv. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. Ill. Exams A. Midterm October 28 th 7:30pm -10:00pm is OPTIONAL. i. Midterm will cover material through Oct. 27. B. There is no scheduled midterm makeup exam. i. Email dag14 if you know of a "legitimate" conflict. C. Final Exam is cumulative i. The date of the final exam is December 18 th @ 6:00pm-9:30pm. ii. The date of early option for final will be released at a later day. a. Sign up details will be announced after fall break. D. Both exams are open book exams but NO TAKENOTE. i. If you wish to retype the TakeNote and bring it to the exam, this is acceptable, but no original TakeNote materials on red paper. E. If your midterm exam grade is better than your final exam grade, it will count for 50%.
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Week 1 - AEM 3200 Week 1 - Syllabus a. Lecture Date:...

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