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Philosophy 301 First lecture 1. Preliminary a. Types of problems and thesis i. Metaphysics 1. What is there, what is the world? 2. is there a God? 3. Am I free? ii. Epistemology 1. questions about knowledge iii. Ethics 1. the value of knowledge 2. so what? 3. who cares? 4. should I care? b. Philosophies of c. Logic i. Argument 1. premises, conclusions ii. Deduction vs. Induction iii. Deductive validity and soundness iv.
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Unformatted text preview: Logic fallacy v. Some fallacies 1. questions begging 2. appeal to ignore 3. suppression of evidence and hominem 4. appeal to authority 5. appeal to the crowd vi. logical laws 1. no contradiction and the excluded middle vii. reducing the absurdity 1. the problem of evil 2. the liars paradox 3. absolute skepticism viii. the limits of deduction...
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