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Grusky Reader.59 60 - Attainment l Status attainment &...

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Grusky Reader, 59-60 l 59, Granovetter, The Strength of Weak Ties ¡ Strength of a tie ¡ ¡ Strong, weak, or absent ties ¡ l Removal of average weak tie “ more damage than average strong tie l More people, and greater social distance through weak ties (579) l Jobs through personal contacts as primary method ¡ For blue-collar as well as professional l Weak ties z important resource for mobility opportunity ¡ Bridges to other social circles for information unavailable in own circles
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60, Lin, Social Networks and Status
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Unformatted text preview: Attainment l Status attainment & “process by which individuals mobilize and invest resources for returns in socioeconomic standings” (580) ¡ Personal resources ¡ Social resources – through direct/indirect ties ¡ Blau and Duncan @ achieved status (education and prior occupational status) most important factor for ultimate attained status, even after accounting for parental status (ascribed) l Access to hierarchical positions ± critical in status attainment ¡ May access social positions vertically in the social hierarchy ² contacts higher up through weak ties...
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Grusky Reader.59 60 - Attainment l Status attainment &...

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