aem 122 final essay - Barger 1 Chris Barger Net id: cab232...

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Barger 1 Chris Barger Net id: cab232 ID #: 1844755 AEM 122 AEM 122 Final Essay The personal business experiences of David Putnam best characterize the technology commercialization process. Putnam’s lecture was the best because he was able to clearly illustrate the importance of all the components of innovation as well as how they are all interconnected. Also, he was able to speak from a variety of personal experiences that further emphasized the important aspects of the entrepreneurship process and the management of innovations. Through his real life personal examples to highlight the aspects of commercialization throughout the entrepreneurial process he proved to be the ideal speaker. In his commercialization of biomaterials to deliver drugs and genes to the body in a precise manner he illustrates many important concepts in commercialization. After coming up with the idea of creating biomaterials to insert genes and drugs into humans at specific time intervals most beneficial to humans, he had to figure out a way to implement it and turn it into a reality. He first secured a consultant and a team to work with, and through this process he illustrated the importance of finding the right personnel to fit each key role in the company. He knew that there would be a lot of research required before any sort of a final product could be made, and he knew he could not do it alone. He stressed that a strong team is crucial to
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aem 122 final essay - Barger 1 Chris Barger Net id: cab232...

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