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Philosophy test 2 readings and notes 1) Test 2 readings: a) Descartes: pp. 484-516 b) Anselm: pp. 415-416 c) Aquinas: pp. 452-453, 464, 419-420 2) Introduction to Meditations on First Philosophy (pp. 484-516) a) I have always thought that two issues- namely, God and the Soul- are chief among those that ought to be demonstrated with the aid of philosophy rather than theology. For although it suffices for us believers to believe by faith that the human soul does not die with the body, and that God exists, certainly no unbelievers seem capable of being persuaded of any religion or even of almost any moral virtue until first proven by natural reason (reasons for his scientific vices of reason: geometric or deductive reasoning) b) In geometry there are many arguments …which are taken by everyone to be evident and certain because they contain absolutely nothing which, considered by itself, is not quite easily known, and in which what follows does not square exactly with what has come before
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