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Dear Astronomy 100 Students Here are the answers to the questions on the fall 1978 first midterm exam that are relevant for this semester's first mid-term exam. This exam is dated October 1978. Please note that the answers to the questions which are relevant to this term's third mid-term exam are also listed in a separate file. Question # choice # comments 1 1 This question reads "Which of the following was not a Babylonian contribution to Astronomy? 2 5 the Egyptians 3 4 vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, winter solstice 4 3 the obliquity of the ecliptic 5 4 Twelve equal divisions along the ecliptic, starting from the constellation of Ares (You may skip this question since I did not discuss this terminology.) 6 2 Once every sideral day 7 2 celestial pole 8 5 the retrograde motion of the planets 9 2 from a point on the eclipse path, but when the moon's shadow doesn't quite reach the earth 10 3 a slow conical motion of the axis of the earth 11 3 Mars, unlike the inner planets. ...
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1978e1v1 - 'sfirstmidtermexam.This . '

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