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Name____________________ Page 1 of 8 Chemistry 1A, Fall 2007 Midterm Exam #2 October 16, 2007 (90 min, closed book) Name:__________________________________ SID:___________________________________ GSI Name:________________ The test consists of 6 short answer questions and a page of multiple choice questions. Put your written answers in the boxes provided. Answers outside the boxes may not be considered in grading. Show your work to receive the maximum credit possible. Write your name on every page of the exam. Question Page Points Score Question 1 2 10 Question 2 3 6 Question 3 3 8 Question 4abc 4 12 Question 4def 5 10 Question 5 5 8 Question 6 7 14 Multiple Choice 8 12 Total 80 Useful Equations and Constants: pH = - log[H 3 O + ] pX = - log X ] [ ] [ log HA A pK pH a + = Strong acids and bases: HCl LiOH HNO 3 NaOH H 2 SO 4 KOH HClO 4 HBr HI
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Name____________________ Page 2 of 8 Acid-base chemistry (10 points) 1. A group of students measures and records the pH of each of the 0.10 M aqueous acid solutions shown below: a) List the four acids in order of increasing dissociation. < < < b) Based on this information, Marco states that "The solution of pH 1.1 will require the most base to titrate it to the equivalence point since it is the strongest acid and its pH is the farthest away from 7." Jovan disagrees: "I think that all four solutions will require the same amount of base to reach the equivalence point because they all contain the same concentration of acid."
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MT2_F07_blank - Name_ Chemistry 1A, Fall 2007 Midterm Exam...

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