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Test B1 - 4 4(S'I‘ Anangefllcirlettersinordem'of...

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Unformatted text preview: 4 4. (S%)'I‘l1efollawingmnpoundsabsmbUVlight. Anangefllcirlettersinordem'of harassing wavelength for absorption of UV light. 6. shorter wavelength 5. (16%) Classify the following molecules as aromatic. mnaromtic, or antimmatiu. i 0 Cb If) mcmn'nc. c) HMMHTI C. e) EMT! ANTIL— g) mMMIL Q Q E) d b { longer wavelength b) HNTI mum-rm. ; a) Nonmemmc. n Anomrrrtc. h) NDMHRBMHTI €— ...
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