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Lab1 e-beam lithograph

Lab1 e-beam lithograph - MAE C187/C287LNano Lab Lab 1...

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MAE C187/C287L Nano Lab Lab 1. E-Beam Lithography Procedure Sample preparation 1. Clean your sample. Acetone, Methanol, IPA, DI water rinse. N2 blow dry. Dehydration back at least 2 minutes after. 2. Spin coat PMMA 495 C2: 500 RPM for 5 seconds and 4000 RPM for 45 seconds. 3. Bake your sample at 180C for 90 seconds (soft bake). (Above steps will be done by TA in advance) 4. Each group makes a scratch mark by tweezers on one of the edges, and we load the sample into E-beam chamber with the scratched edge parallel to the arm of the specimen exchange tool and then evacuate the chamber. E-beam writing 5. Turn on picoammeter and beam blanker. 6. Move the view field away from the PMMA writing area (change X,Y location of the stage to (4.5mm, -18mm) and click SRT button twice to change its value to “0”), then turn on beam by click on “HT” icon. 7. Set beam voltage to 30kV, spot size to 10 and WD should be around 8mm. 8. Find gold standard and do stigmation/focus adjustment at ~80,000x (magnification).
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  • Spring '08
  • YongChen
  • Photolithography, Electron beam lithography, e-beam lithography, Nano Lab Lab, E-Beam Lithography Procedure, click SRT button

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