Lab3 Imprint Lithography

Lab3 Imprint Lithography - C187L/C287L Nano Lab Lab 3...

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C187L/C287L Nano Lab Lab 3. Nanoimprint Lithography Introduction Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a high-resolution, high-throughput technique for fabricating patterns on a wafer. It uses a transparent mold with nanoscale protrusions to physically deform a layer of resist on a substrate. After UV-light curing and de-molding the resist retains the negative image of the mold patterns. In this lab we will use the NLS Nanoimprint Module, which was designed to interface with a commercial optical aligner to achieve simultaneous nanofabrication and alignment functionality. This procedure is designed to form metal patterns on the surface through nanoimprint, reactive ion etch, e-beam evaporation, and lift-off processes. Mold Preparation The 5” x 5” quartz mold used in this lab was made by a series of fabrication steps that include NIL. First, a “master mold” is made by patterning a 4” silicon wafer. E-beam lithography and/or photolithography processes are used to form patterns on the wafer, followed by a metal deposition and lift-off process. The metal is used as an etch mask for anisotropic dry etching into the substrate. After stripping the metal mask, a vapor treatment process is used to deposit a hydrophobic monolayer on the surface, which aids in mold release after imprinting. The quartz plate is first coated with a thin layer of silicon nitride to aid in visual inspection of the patterns. Next, an array of tall circular “spacers” and a deep trench around the center are
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Lab3 Imprint Lithography - C187L/C287L Nano Lab Lab 3...

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