Lab 3 Imprint lithography answers

Lab 3 Imprint lithography answers - 1 List three common...

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1. List three common problems that can occur in the nanoimprint process. How can these problems be resolved? 1) Particle and bubble defect. Due to the direct contact involved, the potential for error in overlay and potential for defects are magnified compared to cases where the image is projected from a distance. These can be mitigated with the use of effective step and imprint and template cleaning strategies. Also it is worthy to improve the cleaning class of the cleaning room. It is recommended to do all the process in class 1000 or even higher. As the particles are often produced during the spin coat, we should take care of this process. For the bubbles, we can use o-ring inflation and central pumping techniques to drive away the air. 2) Proximity effects. Nanoimprint lithography relies on displacing polymer. This could lead to systematic effects over long distances. For example, a large dense array of protrusions will displace significantly more polymer than an isolated protrusion. Depending on the distance of this isolated protrusion from the array, the isolated feature may not imprint correctly due to polymer displacement and thickening. Likewise, wider depressions in the template do not fill up with as much polymer as narrower depressions, resulting in misshapen wide lines. In addition, a depression at the edge of a large array fills up much earlier than one located in the center of the array, resulting in within-array
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Lab 3 Imprint lithography answers - 1 List three common...

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