Lab 8 optical fluorescence sensor

Lab 8 optical fluorescence sensor - a BSA Biotin-BSA...

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MAE C187/C287L Lab 8. Biomolecule Fluorescence Detection Procedures 1. Clean a SiO 2 /glass chip by DI water rinse. Blow to dry. 2. Prepare BSA and biotin-BSA solution in plastic tubes. 3. Put one droplet of BSA solution and three droplets of biotin-BSA on the chip. Incubate for 30 min. Rinse with DI water. 4. Prepare Streptavidin labeling solution (20ul Alexa 546-streptavidin conjugate stock solution dilute in PBS by a factor of 10) and control sample (Alexa 546- DNA). 5. Add prepared solutions to each spot as following:
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Unformatted text preview: a BSA Biotin-BSA Biotin-BSA Biotin-BSA Alexa-streptavidin Alexa-streptavidin Alexa-streptavidin Alexa-DNA 6. Check the fluorescence under fluorescence microscope. Questions: 1. Can you design a fluorescent experiment to detect an antibody by using an antigen that will bound to the antibody? 2. How can you design a molecular beacon to detect a targeted DNA with a base sequence of TAGACTAATTCAT?...
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