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PHYS 2305 CHANG: Quiz 3, Spring 2009 Name (print)________________________________________________ TR9:30AM Due Friday, 2/13, at Test1 I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this quiz. Pledge ______________________________________________ Instructions : Show your work to receive credit , and present your answers with 3 significant figures and proper units . 1. At t =0 car A and truck B are 180 m apart on a straight road. Starting from rest car A speeds up with a constant 8 m/s 2 acceleration. Truck B is traveling in the opposite direction with a constant speed of 16 m/s. How far away is car A from its starting point when the two vehicles pass each other? _______________________ 2. A snowball rolls off a barn roof that slopes downward at an angle of 30°. The edge of the roof is 15 m above the ground, and the snowball has a speed of υ 0 = 5 m/s as it rolls off the roof. How far
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Unformatted text preview: from the edge of the barn does the snowball strike the ground? _____________________ υ 0 50˚ A R 35 m H O A x 90º υ 30° 15 m 3. A projectile is launched with α = 50˚ and it lands at point A as shown. The maximum height of the projectile at the peak of its trajectory is H = 80 m. (a) Find the total time of flight to the landing point A . _____________________ (b) Find the range of motion R (horizontal distance) of the projectile. _____________________ 4. A small bead moves on a circular hoop of radius R = 2 m in the counterclockwise direction as shown. If the speed of the bead at point A (the lowest point on the path) is 1.2 m/s and it is slowing down at a rate of 0.54 m/s 2 , find the magnitude and direction of the acceleration of the bead at A . a = _____________________ β (measured from + x-axis) = ________________________...
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