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PHYS 2305 CHANG: Quiz 4, Spring 2009 Name (print)__________________________________________________ TR9:30AM Due Thursday, 2/26, in class I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this quiz. Pledge ______________________________________________ Instructions : Show your work to receive credit , and present your answers with 3 significant figures and proper units . 1. A 60 Kg man standing on the platform of mass 15 Kg is lowering himself down using a massless cable passing over two pulleys as shown. If his downward acceleration is 0.2 m/s 2 , find the force exerted by the man on the cable. ________________________ 2. The 5 Kg small marble rises up along the smooth inner surface of the spinning cone and settles at the position as shown. The period of rotation for the spinning cone is 4 s, and the angle of the inclined surface is
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Unformatted text preview: θ = 40°. Find the distance L . θ L _________________________ 3. A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 120 m and it is rotating at a constant rate making one revolution every 90 seconds. A passenger having a mass of 80 Kg is riding the wheel. (a) Find the apparent weight of the passenger at the highest point of the wheel. __________________________ (b) Find the apparent weight of the passenger at the lowest point of the wheel. __________________________ F θ = 30 ° μ k 4. The 10 Kg block slides up the incline as the force F pulls the cable as shown. The cable and the pulley are massless and the acceleration of the block is 4 m/s 2 up along the ramp. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the ramp is k = 0.2, find the force F exerted on the cable. F = _______________________...
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