Ch 1 - 1/18 Types of Government The Threat of Tyranny...

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1/18 Types of Government The Threat of Tyranny Government and Business work together. i.e. Food & Drug: checks to see if drugs do what they are supposed to do. Drug manufactures have to conduct all these tests trying to prove that their drugs are fine, and it costs them a lot. Cost profits go down. Lobbyists go to Congressman for the burdensome regulations. Business shouldn’t have to go through tiresome trials and testing to bring drugs to the market. Congress set up an easier process. It contains preliminary approval. By getting their drugs on the market, they can make lots of revenue and sell a lot of the product. Government hasn’t abandoned the little guy’s safety, but the drug companies still have to complete research trials. The government pays for a huge chunk of the prescriptions (like Medicare, etc).They have short-circuited the drug process so that the drugs can be sold. Then they stepped right in and became a consumer. If they find out the drugs don’t work, then what? Government helps people by helping business. The government goes to a phone company and asks for all the messages, phone calls, and e-mails so that the government can protect the people. People get outraged at the crime. The government knows that the phone co is not liable. Government passes a law saying you can’t sue the phone co. Immunity comes with it; it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. If the government approves it, they say it’s safe. So the government tries to help you, which to them sort of means helping business because it’s the best way they can. First Bank of the United States If we are going to have a strong economy, we need our own bank. Today, our banks are selling themselves overseas to Chinese, Kuwaitis, Saudis, etc. The government is worried because they see voters losing their houses (do not have liquid, lose all paper work). You can’t be reelected by people thrown out of their homes. In this crisis, the government makes a 25% corporate tax cut. The government helps you by giving Business 25% off their tax bill. We give the rich people money because they know about money. If
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Ch 1 - 1/18 Types of Government The Threat of Tyranny...

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