Ch 2 - 1/25 FISA Said, it was passed in Aug 07 to beef up...

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1/25 FISA Said, it was passed in Aug 07 to beef up gov’s ability to intercept wireless line/ communication bw terrorists. Being authorized again, only passed for 6 month period. Feb 1 of Congress doesn’t do anything we revert back to the law from 30 years ago. Bill that would renew parts of FISA allowing surveillance but does not include telecom immunity: This was shot down. Not a party line vote. 12 Dem. Senators voted with Republicans to kill the bill that did not contain immunity for AT&T. (Recipients: Clinton, Obama, as well as McCain. Party lines don’t apply as much when it comes to business). Gov didn’t give food stamps and help to people. The people who need this help are the ones who lost jobs in economic recession. Immigration Suspected Violation: American citizens going to jail when they can’t prove they are American. Suspected immigration violation: no right to a lawyer and are forced to represent themselves. Why? Because they look like one. Western Hemisphere Colonies Established In the new world, the Dutch, Chinese, everyone wanted to influence the new nation for prosperity. They did this by sending their explorers. English: Virginia Co. and Mass. Bay Co. came in search of trade goods, new markets, and financed those outposts in order to facilitate their trading. It was simple capitalism. They were trying to better the lot of their investments. Three Main Influences 1. French - staked out two basic waterways (Miss. River and near Montreal going into the Great Lakes). They are very strong in their military, so they thought about it in their military sense. They wanted to extract resources, and float them down to Montreal or New Orleans and back to France. There was no giant rush of French people so immigration wasn’t a problem. There were a lot populated in those two areas though. They also wanted people to be Christian. 2. Spanish – Similar. Established San Francisco around the Revolution. Much of the south west and South, Mexico, South America, Caribbean. Spanish wanted gold, which they found in Islands, as well as sugarcane and molasses. They started giant plantations stalked w slaves (not Spaniards). Agriculture dominated Caribbean islands. They attempted to reduce, or convert the Native population. They came, like the French, to exploit the resources of the new world. They came for Glory to God, Glory to themselves for explorations, and riches. When they found them, they went home. The French and the Spanish never intended to stay. They were loyal Frenchmen and Spaniards who established and converted, went back to enjoy the riches. 3. British – They came to stay. That’s the difference. They fled their home county from persecution, oppression of political and religious nature. They didn’t come to bring England here. The governmental institutions (etc) were born here. THREE major regions: a. New England – harbors. A third of all flags were built in New England. Ship building and international trade were the fundamental basis of New England economy. Homogenous.
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Ch 2 - 1/25 FISA Said, it was passed in Aug 07 to beef up...

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